scientific conference of lau

About the 21st Conference

“Russian man and power in the context of dramatic changes in today’s world”

to be held 12–13, April, 2019
Sections :

  1. Philosophic-culturological
    “Cultural forms/ways exercising and challenging the authorities in the life of modern people and societies (communities)” (head of the section L. A. Zaks, Doctor in Philosophy, Prof.).
  2. Economic
    “Man and power in times of economic realities of today’s Russia” (head of the section S.A. Mitsek, Doctor in Economics, Associate Prof.).
  3. Legal
    “A Russian man and power: law and human rights in times of radical changes (head of the section A. P. Semitko, Doctor in Law, Prof.).
  4. Socio-psychological
    “Psychological security as amobilizer of human psychic under uncertainty and crises”

    • “Specificity of transformation of personality and society psychological security in today’s world” (heads of the section A.I. Dontsov, member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, Prof.; O.Yu. Zotova, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, associate Prof.).
    • “Psychological security as a regulator of ethnic self-awareness in the Russian society (heads of the section E.B. Perelygina, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, Prof.; O.Yu. Zotova, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, associate Prof.).
  5. Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations
    “Man in the power of media: choice of effective strategies for online and offline communication” (heads of the section S.D. Balmaeva, candidate of Philosophy, associate Prof.; A.V. Drozdova, doctor in Culturology, associate Prof.).
  6. Hospitality& Tourism
    “A consumer- a state- a business in today’s Russian tourism: interests, strategies, instruments” (head of the section S.A. Ramzina, candidate of Sociology).
  7. HR-management
    “Management, managers, the manageable: a change of context in the digital world” (head of the section I.S. Krut’ko, doctor in Psychology, associate Prof.).
  8. I-technologies
    “Man and the state in the epoch of digital interactions” (heads of the section A.V. Agenosov, candidate of Technical Sciences, associate Prof.; doctor in Economics, associate Prof. N.V. Khmel’kova).
  9. Fashion Design
    “The power of images and styles in today’s Russian fashion” (head of the section L.V. Rasnovskaya, candidate of Pedagogy).
  10. Contemporary Dance (new!)
    “The present-day art and power: the phenomenon of “contemporary dance”” (heads of the section G. A. Brandt, doctor in Philosophy, Prof.; N.V. Kuryumova, candidate of Culturology).
  11. Physical Culture & Sports
    “Physical culture and sports in the context of radical changes in today’s world” (head of the section G.A. Yamaletdinova, doctor in Pedagogy, associate Prof.).

Paper Submission Requirements

  • Formats: Word and RTF.
  • Page limit: not more than four A4 pages.
  • The type -Times New Roman, 12-point type with line-to-line spacing–1,5, indent–1 cm; all margins–2 cm.
  • The file name: “The author’s name, section”.
  • Abstracts (50 words) and keywords (5-10) are a must.
  • Bibliographical references in the text are to be numbered in square brackets together with the page cited, for instance [2, p. 15]);the list of references is enclosed at the end of the paper.
  • Illustrations should be black-and-white only.
  • Feedback of academic advisors is necessary for students, Master’s students and post-graduates papers.

Be sure to indicate:

  • the author(s) details: full name and surname;
  • affiliation – full name of the organization, city; academic degree, academic status, position;
  • e-mail, contact tel.;
  • the name of the section.

Materials that do not correspond to the conference theme are not accepted.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select and edit the submitted papers.

Papers have to be submitted through

Paper submission deadline 1 February, 2019

Publication fee – 400 rubles (to be paid upon confirmation of the thesis submission for publication)

The conference proceedings will be published and placed article by article in the PSCI database on the site of Research Electronic Library (full texts in the public domain).

Please note! The conference editorial council will select authors’ materials to be reviewed and further re-fined for a full-text academic article with a view of placing them in Web of Science database

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