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Title Consumer – State – Business – Culture: The Problem, Trends, and Novelties in Tourism Development
Author Lyudmila A. Myasnikova, Olga Yu. Golomidova
About the author
DOI 10.35853/UfH-RMP-2019-HT03
Section Hospitality & Tourism
Year Index UDK 008:379.85 Pages 428–440
Abstract The paper declares the relevance of scientific and theoretical analysis of contemporary tourism due to the growing role of tourism in the global economy, politics, social sphere and culture. The paper aims to analyze the main problems, trends and prospects of the tourism industry in the context of drastic changes in the contemporary world. The authors rely on statistical indicators of tourism industry development within the interdisciplinary approach, analyze economical and political context where Russian and global tourism is developing, and apply cultural studies methods, taking into account urban studies and regional studies. A series of industryspecific problems is identified: tourism is “held hostage” by the political situation, which eventually has a negative impact on tourism market players and end consumers of the tourism product; the high risk level in the tourism business combined with the imperfect legal framework also destabilizes the market, while managerial and technological decisions adopted along with adjustments introduced in the industry law demonstrate insufficient efficiency. The authors note the need for drastic changes in the system of industry regulation and the fact that, besides the economic and political context, it is crucial to take into account tourism’s social and cultural aspects. At the same time the authors focus on one of the most indicative of these – tourism’s relation with the urban culture. The conclusion is made that tourism development has a contradictory effect. In certain cases, we face its negative side, which causes “tourism phobia” among the local population and other problems. But correct approach may turn “cons” into “pros”. That said, innovations related to social and cultural aspects of the tourism field demonstrate the pressing need for its reformation once again.
  • tourism
  • culture
  • city
  • business
  • politics
  • “responsible tourism”
For citation Myasnikova LA, Golomidova OYu. Consumer – State – Business – Culture: The Problem, Trends, and Novelties in Tourism Development. In: Zaks LA, Semitko AP, Mitsek SA, et al. (еds.) Russian Man and Power in the Context of Dramatic Changes in Today’s World: Collection of academic papers from the 21st Russian scientific-practical conference (with international participation) (Yekaterinburg, April 12–13, 2019). Yekaterinburg: Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities; 2019. p. 428–440. Available from: doi:10.35853/UfH-RMP-2019-HT03.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Article language russian
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Submitted 02.09.2019
Accepted 10.10.2019