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Title From Advertisement Integration to Co-Branding: Marketing Alliances Development in Digital Environment
Author Alexander V. Agenosov, Natalya V. Khmelkova
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DOI 10.35853/UfH-RMP-2019-IT01
Section Information Technologies
Year Index UDK 339.138:004.9 Pages 453–463
Abstract The paper provides a methodological explanation of the essence of shifting from the native advertising format (advertisement integration) to co-branding (brand alliance) involving companies and influencers (opinion leaders) that interact in the digital environment. Such a shift is interpreted by the authors as a process of strategic development of marketing cooperation in the digital environment, since co-branding involves launching new products to the market and is accompanied by creating new markets and needs. The authors propose their own approach to the issue in hand from the perspective of marketing alliance typology based on the marketing complex model. Differences between advertisement integrations and co-branding are conceptualized following this model. The need to consider influencers’ role in forging brand alliances is explained from the branding theory perspective. Differences between celebrity endorsements marketing and influencer marketing are identified. The proposed methodology is applied to study actual cases of co-branding in the digital environment involving Russian and foreign companies that are associated with shaping a new market of gender-neutral cosmetics. Eventually, a conclusion is made on the need for further study of marketing alliances in the digital space to establish a comprehensive theoretical and methodology foundation and accumulate empirical material on the issue in hand.
  • native advertising
  • advertisement integration
  • co-branding
  • brands alliance
  • influencer (opinion leader)
For citation Agenosov AV, Khmelkova NV. From Advertisement Integration to Co-Branding: Marketing Alliances Development in Digital Environment. In: Zaks LA, Semitko AP, Mitsek SA, et al. (еds.) Russian Man and Power in the Context of Dramatic Changes in Today’s World: Collection of academic papers from the 21st Russian scientific-practical conference (with international participation) (Yekaterinburg, April 12–13, 2019). Yekaterinburg: Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities; 2019. p. 453–463. Available from: doi:10.35853/UfH-RMP-2019-IT01.
License Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Article language russian
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Submitted 21.06.2019
Accepted 12.08.2019