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Title ERP Systems Application for Efficient Business Management
Author Tatyana F. Shitova
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DOI 10.35853/UfH-RMP-2019-IT04
Section Information Technologies
Year Index UDK 005:004.45 Pages 481–489
Abstract Contemporary ERP systems have various applications. Today, they are successfully used both in material value adding areas and in services rendering / work performance areas. Taking into account the business’ specific features is crucial for selection of software that will automate the activities of each organizational structural unit and the enterprise as a whole. The task of selecting and implementing contemporary ERP systems for business management requires conducting detailed analysis to identify the advantages and drawbacks of their application, as well as determine economic benefits from application of this information and analytical system. In this research, we relied on methods of economic and comparative analysis and used a systemic approach. The main purpose of research is finding arguments proving the practical value of purchasing an ERP system. The paper presents this research containing information on economic benefits that an enterprise could gain after ERP system implementation. According to the author, using a contemporary information and analytical system makes it possible to solve one of the most important tasks – improve business reliability and controllability through application of contemporary information technologies, which is particularly relevant as enterprise management procedures are growing ever more complicated.
  • 1С:ERP Enterprise Management 2
For citation Shitova TF. ERP Systems Application for Efficient Business Management. In: Zaks LA, Semitko AP, Mitsek SA, et al. (еds.) Russian Man and Power in the Context of Dramatic Changes in Today’s World: Collection of academic papers from the 21st Russian scientific-practical conference (with international participation) (Yekaterinburg, April 12–13, 2019). Yekaterinburg: Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities; 2019. p. 481–489. Available from: doi:10.35853/UfH-RMP-2019-IT04.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Article language russian
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Submitted 20.06.2019
Accepted 12.08.2019